“I know the second Sue opens the door to me I am enveloped in a calmness, gentleness and there is an

instinctive awareness of my needs. Sue heals at many levels and one feels a wholeness and a real peace; a

real all-will-be-well feeling. I cannot recommend her enough.” MH


"I love going to have a reflexology treatment with Sue - she is a wonderful teacher and practitioner of this

holistic therapy. Sue knows what she is doing and has years of reflective practice on which to draw in working

with clients. When my feet are in her hands I often remember that what Sue does is both an art and a science

- there is the nurturing hands on and the knowledge and skills of Sue's background and professionalism. 


One of the dimensions I find helpful in reflecting with Sue about my treatments is her ability to pick up on

physical, emotional and spiritual levels in which reflexology may be helpful in my overall health. I regard that

Sue is able to be responsive to these levels because her care, artistry and attentiveness are finely tuned in her

work". JK




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