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Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting

The Sorensensistemâ„¢ Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a combination of different Facial Reflexology techniques to affect the face from within as well as from without. It is a natural, painless, relaxing and non-surgical face lifting method developed by internationally renowned reflexologist, Lone Sorensen. 

This beauty treatment is facial muscle toning work or 'Gym for the face' as Lone calls it with the cosmetic changes achieved over a series of sessions using only the hands and the application of rosehip oil.

Although mainly for the face, this method aims to stimulate and balance all the organs, including the skin, and acts on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin naturally.

For more information or to make an appointment, please phone Sue on 4976 3988.

The gentleman pictured below, after having been through a very difficult time physically and emotionally, was distressed to the point of deep depression by what he saw in the mirror each morning. After only 3 treatments the stresses and strains were no longer apparent and he was able to enjoy life once more.