What is a session like?

At your first session I will ask some questions about your health and lifestyle and then discuss the best style of reflexology and treatment plan suited to your needs. Possible options would be:

  • foot reflexology
  • facial reflexology
  • possible addition of ear reflexology to either of the above
  • combination of foot and facial reflexology  

Most treatments last one hour. Extended sessions of 1 1/2 hours can also be booked. A course of treatments may be recommended depending on your body's needs. 

During the reflexology session you will lie on a comfortable recliner chair. Treatments are very relaxing so you may fall asleep although most people do not want to miss the feeling as the various areas of the feet or face are palpated. Some points in the feet can be tender but it is important that I work well within your comfort zone.

It is possible to detect subtle changes in the tissues of the face, feet and ears that relate to parts of the body under stress. An important part of every treatment is to identify these and work on these points to release stress in the corresponding part of the body.

And after the session?

Most people feel deeply relaxed after each session. If you arrive in pain or feeling anxious you may find that these symptoms are considerably reduced by the end of the treatment.

Many people feel energised and rejuvenated and yet some feel a sense of fatigue initially. Each person's response is very individual as it depends on their state of health and current stress levels.

Although definite benefits can be noticed after the first session, changes are often subtle at first as the body begins to repair itself. In my experience significant health benefits are experienced after about 5 sessions. Apart from a reduction in symptoms, the most common one is a feeling of wellbeing that is difficult to quantify - but it means that the body is healing.


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