"There is a chemical expression for every emotion we feel. At a purely chemical level, consciousness and emotions are affecting our cells. The Journey is about cellular healing. It is about getting to the root, or core, of an emotional issue or physical block – really uncovering it in the deepest part of the being – before resolving it and letting it go. This means the body can go about the process of healing."  Brandon Bays, founder and pioneer of the Journey.       For more information please go to www.thejourney.com


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What is The Journey

The Journey is a simple and safe therapeutic process - a bit like a guided introspection. Gently and elegantly supported, you will take an inner journey to discover what is blocking you from being at peace, from being whole and complete.

This powerful and profound healing therapy was pioneered by Brandon Bays as a result of her own experience of healing a large tumour, naturally, with no drugs or surgery.  

As a result of her work, we now have a tool that has the potential to clear issues and release emotional blocks and beliefs that act as silent saboteurs. The Journey finally gives us a way to access old cell memories and limiting patterns and clear them completely, allowing the body and mind begin a deep healing process.

No matter what issues we have - from just feeling flat and unenthusiastic about life, to physical illnesses, or debilitating feelings such as anxiety, depression, grief, anger and low self esteem – Journey process work can effectively address the root cause of these issues, not just the symptoms.

Hear what Brandon says about the Journey and also how others who have experienced Journey therapy have benefited personally in the video clip below: