Because a Journey process is guided by your own body's inner wisdom, it will be perfect - your body knows what needs to be resolved and healed at this moment. If you want to let go of old hurts, beliefs and negative thoughts and feelings and feel drawn to 'the Journey' then it wiil be right for you.

In my own Journeywork I have freed myself from core beliefs and patterns of behaviour that have not served me well. I feel honoured to be able to partner others on their own inner journeys and to see the joy and freedom that comes as a result.


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How do I know if the Journey is right for me?

We all have times when we need to find a new perspective about a personal issue.  

If you answer YES to ANY of these questions, or want to resolve a similar issue a Journey Process may be perfect for you at this time.     

  •  Is your quality of life affected by feelings such as anxiety, worthlessness or powerlessness?  
  •  Are you constantly feeling stressed out?  
  •  Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges currently in your life?  
  •  Do you feel flat, unmotivated or unenthusiastic?  
  •  Are you challenged by poor health or ongoing physical issues?  
  •  Do you feel you are self-sabotaging or blocked in some way? 
  •   Are you stuck and unable to resolve old issues and move on?
  •   Do you long for more fulfillment in your relationships or work situation?