This course is available to any therapist who has completed Facial Reflexology Modules 1 & 2. Beauty Therapists may attend after completing Facial Reflexology Module 1.


This method is based on Facial Reflexology and uses a combination of different techniques that focus on facial muscle stimulation, the South American Indian reflex zones as well as the meridian points that relate to each muscle.

This work is enhanced by the addition of specialised Japanese techniques. The aim is to improve facial muscle tone, balance the underlying organs related to the meridians supplying the face and to improve the skin by eliminating toxins. The result feels like a gym workout for the face.

The lift to the facial muscles is entirely natural and long lasting after a series of treatments. However this is not just about beauty. This treatment is very helpful for clients who have been through a difficult period, either emotionally or physically eg: after chemotherapy, surgery or depression. It enlivens the face whilst also working on the undelying energy and organ imbalances.

Whilst the focus is on the face, most clients notice improvement in various other ailments. Jill Freestone who practices in Sydney comments "I see improvements in digestion, sinus issues, the ability to handle stressful situations better AND absolute, complete & total relaxation".   

‘Just a belated thank you for the Japanese Cosmo Facelift course; I am practicing like mad and am loving it! Such a beautiful, effective treatment and so satisfying to give!  Lots of wonderful feedback from my clients I really enjoy the way you teach. Keep up the great work’. Robyn H

‘Just wanted to pass on the positive feedback I received from my first male customer.  Am surprised he noticed this. I think the face reflex work is very good.  The lines seemed not as deep and the skiin nice and smooth. I think he may become a regular customer.’ Jeanette A




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