I have been teaching reflexology skills since 1990 when I founded the Australian School of Reflexology in Sydney. During that time I have also focussed on postgraduate training for reflexologists and other tactile therapists and taught all over Australia as well as in New Zealand and the UK. I am the only accredtited teacher of the Facial Reflexology Diploma (Sorensensistem TM) in Australia and New Zealand.

Each of the listed courses and workshops are held for practitioners only. You will need a qualification in reflexology for Chinese Reflexology and Using TCM with Reflexology. Facial Reflexology, Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting and Auriculartherapy courses are open to all tactile therapists.

Reflexcel Postgraduate courses for therapists:

  • provide you with the best value and expertise for each professional CPT /CPD point
  • are comprehensive and informative - absolutely no 'padding'
  • are focussed on practical skills with less impact on your hands
  • give you effective techniques that make a difference to your clients

 Details about courses being held this year are listed on each page. If no dates are listed and you are interested, please fill in and send me the enquiry form or phone me on 0435 990036.

If you are interested in hosting one of these courses or workshops in your State I would be very happy to hear from you.

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