Each of the listed courses and workshops are held for practitioners only. You will need a qualification in reflexology for Chinese Reflexology and Using TCM with Reflexology. Facial Reflexology and Auriculartherapy courses are open to all tactile therapists.

For the latest course dates please contact me at reflexcelcourses@gmail.com or phone 0435 990036

Chinese Reflexology

Benefits to your practice:

  • Ideal for corporate work.
  • Fast, efficient and effective with a flowing motion.
  • Use of creams and knuckle-work – respite for the thumbs.
  • Pressure can be varied, but firmer pressure can be applied for clients who need it.
  • Allows your practice to grow with minimum physical impact to you.   


Clients love it. They comment that they can feel immediate effects.

In Singapore and many parts of Asia, reflexology clinics are commonplace and business people queue to have their daily session in their breaks and reflexology is used as a tune-up and not as a relaxation therapy.

Many tourists and other visitors to Asia have experienced this form of reflexology, especially flight personnel and people who are there regularly for business. The frequent enquiries show that there is a demand for this direct, less esoteric approach This course will provide you with a thorough workout which can be performed in 30 minutes. The client receives all the usual benefits of reflexology and leaves refreshed with all body systems revitalised.

‘I loved the weekend. Your whole approach and teaching style is excellent. I felt totally involved and felt confident to start as soon as possible. Many thanks, Sue. Keep teaching this wonderful work.’      Jenny Cooper




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