Each of the listed courses and workshops are held for practitioners only. You will need a qualification in reflexology for Chinese Reflexology and Using TCM with Reflexology. Facial Reflexology and Auriculartherapy courses are open to all tactile therapists.

For the latest course dates please contact me at reflexcelcourses@gmail.com or phone 0435 990036


Auriculartherapy is the diagnosis and treatment of body disorders through the assessment and stimulation of reflex points on the outer ear.

It is used extensively in China, USA and Europe, especially in France, where scientific research has validated its effectiveness.

Ear work combines perfectly with both reflexology and remedial massage. It has been shown that treating more than one micro-system increases therapeutic effectiveness. Also with the placement of magnetized pellets on selected points on the ears, the treatment continues throughout the week between sessions so that the improvement in the client’s condition holds longer than would otherwise be experienced in a series of sessions.  

Most health disorders can be treated such as pain, neuralgia, anxiety states, depression, addictive behaviour, migraines and skin conditions. It is particularly effective for the treatment of muscular-skeletal conditions. 


Workshop aims: 

To understand and be able to apply auriculartherapy within your existing therapeutic practice. The focus will be on muscular-skeletal complaints, however at the end of the workshop, with the use of the manual, you will be able to select and apply treatment protocols for a wide range of complaints relating to other body systems.  

Benefits of Auriculartherapy:

1.  Diagnosis.  It provides an efficient and scientifically proven means of diagnosing areas of pain and pathology. Together with the analysis of other reflex areas, it will give the therapist a more complete picture, and therefore a more precise treatment regime can be designed. 

2.  Interfaces easily with other forms of reflexology and with massage.

3.  Foot and hand injuries.  When the reflexes in the feet or hands cannot be worked due to injury, surgery or amputation the ear is an excellent alternative.

4.  Fast pain relief.

5.  More efficient time spent with client.

6.  Proven effective for psychological problems and addictions.

7.  Special homeostatic balance points.

‘This was one of the best workshops I have attended. I have known Sue for many years but   this was the first time she had been my teacher. It was a great weekend’.  Gail Blamey

‘Great course. Well presented. The book is invaluable’. Cathie Bromwich

‘Sue is a very gifted woman and inspirational. I feel grateful for her teachings’. Marisa Rowntree




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