about sue ehinger

My life's journey has taken me from Melbourne, where I grew up, to Basel In Switzerland where I lived for 15 years, and then to NSW where I now live just north of Sydney. Professionally, it has taken me from radiography to complementary therapies, in particular reflexology, and to Journey process work over a period of 40 years.

In 1990 I founded the Australian School of Reflexology in Sydney where I trained hundreds of reflexology practitioners until 2006. I now hold post-graduate courses both here and interstate for reflexologists and other therapists interested in broadening their skills.

After realising the absolute importance of cellular healing and experiencing Journeywork for myself, I underwent the intensive training program with Brandon Bays and became a practitioner in 2008. I have found Journey therapy to be the most cutting edge healing and freeing process work that I know of, and I will bless forever the day I came across it.

I work from my home practice in Nords Wharf on Lake Macquarie usuallly weekdays only, but occasionally on Saturday for Journeywork if that is the only time available.

I am passionate about helping people in their search for wellbeing at all levels be it physical, emotional or spiritual. My experience has shown me that both reflexology in its various forms and Journey process work are therapies that have enormous potential to gently yet definitely help the body and mind heal itself.



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