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Wellness is a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. It may not necessarily always involve perfect health, as much as we would like that - but even chronic illness can be helped with therapies that stimulate our own innate healing abilities.

And in seeking wellness we choose to become involved in a process that is proactive and preventative and designed to achieve optimum levels of health and wellbeing, no matter what life throws at us.

I offer my training, skills and over 30 years of therapeutic experience to you in the knowledge that both therapies that I practise - Reflexology and Journey work - are extremely effective, either on their own or in combination, and can make a real and sustained difference to your health and wellbeing.

Many people tell me that the feeling of wellbeing they experience after a session is definite and tangible - energy, inner strength , calmness - a sense of what was missing has returned. 

I am particularly interested in helping people with FACIAL PARALYSIS such as Bells Palsy and also children with learning problems. Please see the page on Facial Reflexology for more information.

Please contact me at Journey to Wellness to make an appointment or phone to discuss your situation on

02 4976 3988 or 0435 990036.

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