“The next day I felt a wonderful empty, unburdened feeling - no negative thoughts. 

This easy feeling is very unfamiliar and now a month later so much has improved. 

I am not disturbed by past memories any more and I am feeling so 

much more comfortable with strangers. I am eternally grateful to have had

the Journey process with Sue”  BW


‘”I view the world with greater confidence and know that I matter.

The new belief about myself that we installed during my journey 

feels part of me now - I really can’t credit the old one that was 

silently running my life!”  HC


“Things have shifted so much. The difference is like day and night.

I could never have imagined that I would feel this free again.’”GG


‘” I have noticed significant shifts. I used to turn on the TV for company 

now I find it a waste of time. I am standing up for myself more too 

whereas In the past I would have given in but felt inwardly angry.” MI



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